Founder | CEO | Director of Research
Cody  Stobaugh

Head of Social Media & Outreach | Researcher
Uriel Baca

Stobaugh Group was founded by Cody Stobaugh, a researcher and hacker by heart. His journey began with unlocking iPhones and rooting Androids as a business for friends and online and further evolved into a deep dive into vulnerability and malware research. His insights provide a unique perspective, shedding light on the tactics employed by malicious actors and highlighting vulnerabilities often overlooked in the realm of vulnerability assessments and penetration testing (VAPT).

Stobaugh Group's genesis stemmed from Cody's initial struggles to enter the cybersecurity industry professionally. Despite his extensive skills and experience, he faced repeated job rejections. Applying First Principles of Analysis and introspection, Cody realized he was not alone in this predicament, coinciding with the industry's prevalent "skills gap" outcry. Recognizing this disconnect, he decided to forge his own path, not only to overcome his own hurdles but also to empower others facing similar challenges.

Thus, Stobaugh Group emerged as a testament to Cody's determination and a resource for aspiring cybersecurity professionals.

Uriel Baca, our other partner, exemplifies passionate dedication. His early, selfless offer to market Stobaugh Group for free speaks volumes. Like Cody, Uriel brings a humble background and an eagerness to rise above traditional expectations. He took early initiative and is a driving factor in our social media presence, creating and piloting different programs and marketing tactics.